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IN THE NEWS: Cooling Fusion Plasmas from the Inside Out
Valerie A. Izzo, PhDSenior Scientist/Partner/Founder

Jacob R. King, PhDSenior Scientist/Partner

Jesús José Domínguez-Palacios Durán, PhDResearch Scholar

Mission: To accelerate the development of fusion energy by providing computational and scientific research and consulting in plasma physics. We partner on government-funded open-science research and commercial projects that build the basis of a fusion energy future.

Values: We are committed to outstanding science, reproducibility, ethical conduct, inclusivity, and transparency. Our values guide our scientific work and publications, ensuring that our research is conducted with the highest standards of integrity and that our results are communicated both in accord with the needs of our clients and in service of the broader scientific community. We embody these values in our codes and algorithms through verification and validation, and in our software with modern unit and regression testing.