> Dr. Jacob King

Dr. Jacob King is a computational plasma physicist with expertise in developing algorithms to drive high-performance simulations of fusion plasmas. Beginning with his PhD studies, he has worked on various confinement concepts, including reversed-field-pinch tearing-mode and z-pinch liner-implosion simulations. He has also collaborated extensively on the DIII-D tokamak, a Department of Energy user facility. His research on DIII-D endeavors to understand the effects of MHD perturbations in the tokamak's high-confinement edge-pedestal region and tearing-mode dynamics that can potentially degrade core performance.

In order to enable these simulations, he has made several extensions to the NIMROD MHD code, such as incorporating a resistive wall, refining the plasma initial condition, and including multiple atomic species. He also developed an efficient time-split plasma-neutral algorithm to incorporate fast atomic physics effects in long-time-scale MHD simulations. He is currently working on modernizing the code infrastructure in an open-source repository to take advantage of the capabilities of heterogeneous supercomputers that employ GPU acceleration.

Dr. King is presently the fusion science group leader at Tech-X Corporation and is transitioning to a full-time partner at Fiat Lux in 2023.


QH-mode MHD dynamics

plasma-neutral algorithm

code infrastructure modernization

2F FLR pinch tearing

analytic drift tearing